I'm passionate about web applications with clean and usable design.

Tony Findeisen

I love the web.

Who I am

I'm a javascript fullstack developer living with my daughter in Leipzig

What I do

I create rich web applications with an eye for the user and design

Why I do it

I love to solve complex problems and like creating new products.

Things I made.

rappidjs js mvc framework

<rAppid.js />

The base for all my web developments is a declarative Javascript MVC with components and bindings. It's like Flex or Silverlight for HTML5 and like web components you can use today.

Marcus and me started it in Februar 2012 and continously improved it. Now it even has a server side and is handled as one of the Top 20 JS Frameworks.



The Tablomat is an HTML5 based T-Shirt Designer, replacing the current Flash based Designer at Spreadshirt.

The project was initiated by me by adapting the look and feel of the Flash application. Fast it became important for Spreadshirt and we changed the UX and UI to fit to tablets (and also phones).



Writehub is an online text processor that sets the focus back to writing. Formatting and layouting is done by Writehub resulting in a good looking PDF.

The app converts markdown into xml, which gets transformed via XSLT to XSL-FO outputting a PDF document. The invention is that the document style is written in CSS which is than applied to the XSL-FO before processing.


Single Page Checkout

In November 2014 my Team started to replace the Checkout at Spreadshirt with a reponsive Single-Page application checkout and the conversion increased dramatically. In 2015 we finished the migration and started to implement also Pay with Amazon as a 3rd party checkout.

The project started by building a secure checkout API first. With rAppid.js we then created a flexible and extendible frontend so that new payment methods can be integrated easily. As in a checkout sensitive data is entered we integrated CSP and made use of sandboxing 3rd party scripts.

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